. what the hoot is going on ?

. we get it . we all have the news, social media and access to an overwhelming amount of information . we aren’t here to add to the noise . we’ll k.i.s.s. (keep it simply silly) and tell.

. i’ve found that a really great source of information is at . they have stats, updates, resources and a really great self-check tool (HERE) . they even have an app for your smart phone here: iOS and Google .

. in the real estate market the landscape is changing daily . OPEN HOUSES have been cancelled until further notice .  we believe strongly in our abitlity to adapt and overcome and are evolving our services accordingly . we are preparing virtual tours, 3D floorplans and exceptional photography for lisitngs . the OWL marketing machine never sleeps and is ready to market your property, properly, productively, today .

. how is this affecting properties ? . this has been a surreal experience for everyone these last few weeks and the coming weeks will be no different . we felt the temperature heating up in late january and early february and were excited about a very strong spring market . we saw a reduction in days on market for listings and multiple offer situations more prevalent .  with the drops in interest rates (you should really ASK NIKI) we felt as though this stimulus would really create a frenzy through this spring market but it seems the COVID has other plans . banks were dropping rates to stimulate the economy however are changing directions as they perceive the risk in lending to increase substantially . we should see a slow in market activity in the near future and some downward pressure on values in certain markets . this is dynamic of course and encourage you to reach out to us to elaborate or discuss in further detail .

. what can you do now ? . self-isolation can present a multitude of opportunities to prepare for when the dust settles .
– declutter your home . take your time and go through your home one room at a time and purge .
– misc. repairs . same as above, go through the rooms and clean and touch up all of the dings and scratches in the walls and floors . there are plenty of videos online that can teach you how to mud, sand and repair blemishes on the walls, touch up spots on the floors and straighten art pieces, etc. (it’s a beautiful day to scrub the grout clean in your shower with a toothbrush)

. we urge you to do your part and stay home, stay safe and stay sane . please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time .


Colin Owl Realty

I would be pleased to offer you personalized support and guide you through the process. Whether marketing your property in a professional and effective way or helping you find your new home, I will put my expertise to work and listen to your needs.Let’s work together! Please contact me today.

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