. our heros are in the trenches so we can stay in our bunkers . with each pasing moment and day of self-quarantine we have time for thought and reflection . our healthcare workers, essential services and all others who are working long hours, at great risk, fighting for our future and well-being against COVID-19 . the truth is that they’ve always done this for us, but now the world is taking notice more than ever . we stand united in supporting them through this monumental period in history .

. please join us at 7pm EVERY NIGHT to make some noise . get out your pots, pans, cowbells and any noisemakers and express our gratitude and committment to those healthcare workers on the front lines through this COVID pandemic . Pemberton Heights, north shore, lower lonsdale and neighbouring communities, my family and i will be out in the yard cheering and i encourage you to share this message and get out on your balconies, patios, yards or wherever you can and do the same every night at 7pm .  find us on social media at @owlrealty and the hashtag #covid7pmcheer  .

. we hope that this tradtion carries forward in perpetuity and you help us make this a worldwide tradition .


Colin Owl Realty

I would be pleased to offer you personalized support and guide you through the process. Whether marketing your property in a professional and effective way or helping you find your new home, I will put my expertise to work and listen to your needs.Let’s work together! Please contact me today.

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