Two Owls Take Flight Together

scott dempster and i live in pemberton heights and have grown to become great friends over the years . our families have grown close as well and it’s been a natural progression that scott and i have chosen to work together . we work incredibly well together . we each bring our own valuable skillset to the table, and we provide exceptional service and experience to our clients . we maintain a fun and energetic atmosphere whilst delivering professional and outstanding results . scott has worked hard over the years to build a recognizable brand (the owl) and i’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside him and excel in a career i’m passionate about .


Colin Owl Realty

I would be pleased to offer you personalized support and guide you through the process. Whether marketing your property in a professional and effective way or helping you find your new home, I will put my expertise to work and listen to your needs.Let’s work together! Please contact me today.

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