I’ve grown passionate about my espresso over the years.  Admitedly, I consume too much of it.  Also, I’m really terrible at making fancy things with the milk in my latte.  I attempt this 2-3 times a day now and with each opportunity and attempt, I have not improved at the rate I’d like to.  Time to turn to the world wide web and take some lessons.

I purchased my machine at Espressotec years ago and they offer lessons -when there isn’t a pandemic sweeping the globe.  Now, we have the youtube machine, trial & error and a serious case of the jitters.

I’ve been told that the key is the consistency of the milk and temperature.  I’ve tried non-dairy alternatives to milk but if MTV Cribs opened my fridge door you’d see a gallon of 3% where my Cristal should be.

The best video I’ve found online to help learn and practice is HERE.

Happy juice in the making…


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