Going Virtual

Thinking of Listing Your home?

As the industry shifts to virtual showcasing we’re finding our stride at the head of the pack.  We also understand that you can’t just take some fancy pictures and 3D renderings etc. and leave it at that.

Your home and property have so many great attributes that need to be communicated to potential buyers.  We understand how to tell those stories and connect with people and make sure that buyers understand the value of your home beyond what they can see in pictures.

We work incredibly hard to illustrate those special features create excitement with buyers to help you earn the value your home deserves.  Get in touch to learn more.

3D floor plans help potential buyers better visualize the layout of the home without the ability to walk through it physically.  3D Dollhouse floor plans can be manipulated online and allow users to zoom in and navigate around the virtual rooms throughout the home and see the rooms from all different perspectives.  It’s like Google Streetview inside a home.

Check out an example H E R E .


Colin Owl Realty

I would be pleased to offer you personalized support and guide you through the process. Whether marketing your property in a professional and effective way or helping you find your new home, I will put my expertise to work and listen to your needs.Let’s work together! Please contact me today.

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