BC Assessment Values

Did you get your BC Assessment in the mail?  Does the value seem right?  IT SHOULDN’T.  BC Assessment is an estimated valuation for your home and property as of July 1st, 2020.  This information is based off the prior 12 months’ market data.  So really, this value is outdated by upwards of 18 months.  For

Two Owls Take Flight Together

Scott dempster and I live in pemberton heights and have grown to become great friends over the years. Our families have grown close as well and it’s been a natural progression that Scott and i have chosen to work together. We work incredibly well together.

BC Defines Essential Services

The province says that “any business or service that has not been ordered to close, and is also not identified on the essential service list, may stay open if it can adapt its services and workplace to the orders and recommendations of the provincial health officer.” Specifically, real estate agent services.


Our heros are in the trenches so we can stay in our bunkers . with each pasing moment and day of self-quarantine we have time for thought and reflection . our healthcare workers, essential services and all others who are working long hours, at great risk, fighting for our future and well-being against COVID-19.